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“Do It Yourself car wash shampoo for Indian cars.”

Does your work end after you purchase a car? Does the stress of keeping it clean keep you up on nights? Or you are a car wash outlet owner and you are not happy with the chemicals you own? Whichever the case is, here is a basic guide to the car wash chemicals that everyone must know. From the car wash shampoo to the car wax, a car washing session requires so much more than the old age bucket and detergent wash.

As the times have changed, car detailing is becoming the new car wash. Hence, for every surface and every issue, there are varied chemicals and products available in the market.


Basic guide to the car washing chemicals:

Colour Foam: The Foam is designed to give a strong and different visual impact to the washing session. This washing chemical is a foaming detergent that creates a red snowpack on the car and is applied by a pressure washer machine with the suitable lance, or by a foam sprayer. Its advantages are not only the economy of consumption, speed, and ease of use but also a new look for the management of the service. The visual impact is remarkable which will attract anyone who sees it, making them get one, too.

The colour foam also has many benefits than just looking good. Such as, it is pH balanced and easy to rinse off, removes hard dirt and watermarks.

Car Wax: Mafra offers the best product known as the ‘super wax’. This product is a long-lasting protective wax that allows a film of water to be broken into beads and then slide over the surface, easily under the drying blowers, saving the energy costs. Super Wax works with water of any hardness, including recycled water, and prevents the formation of white streaks on the bodywork and of micro-drops and greasiness. It is indispensable for a high-speed car wash. This super wax is an amazing paintwork sealant. Its radiant shine and protection last for a long time. Seals the paintwork and provides a streak-free high gloss. This eco-friendly product is easy to apply and safe to use.

Car wash shampoo: The Shampoo used for car washing is different from the ones used for bathing, as it was developed for perfect external washing of the vehicle with a self-drying effect. Its special combined formulation in a neutral shampoo ensures a delicate wash, for any paint or colour. After rinsing, its self-drying properties leave a water repellent coating on the surface that makes for short drying time and prevents smears. The use of this product with high rinsing allows to reduce the rinsing time and allows a significant saving of water allowing growing respect for the environment. It is pH balanced and effective on hard dirt and contaminants. With a rich foam formula and safe to use on factory paint. It is effective on soft and hard watermarks.

The car wash shampoo and wax are all part of the car washing chemicals. All of these come highly tested and tried and recommended to be used on any Indian car.


“A basic guide to the car wash shampoo and detailing chemicals.”

Maximum car wash shampoo and soap variants did not enter the automotive market, not till the 60s. Companies like Turtle Wax and many others lead the way by bringing in special car washing and detailing chemicals. Most of them were sold to service workshops and gas stations in the five-gallon buckets for washing the customer’s cars free of cost. They were like rabbits up for testing. If a car’s paint lost its colour or for some specific reason the wash wasn’t a success, then that feedback was given to the manufacturer which in turn led to improvement of the chemicals and products. Now, every part of the car has its own specified cleaning product.

In the past, the automobile washing shampoo or soaps were designed for a sole ambition, i.e., to remove dirt, debris, and other types of filth from the body of the vehicle. Two main features went into the determination of the shampoo: Elbow grease and the dilution ratio! If the surface had slimy or sticky contamination, then more elbow grease and concentrated shampoo was added. The times changed and brought in new technology!



What to look for in the car washing chemicals:

  • These chemicals are drawn up for specific tasks, such as eradicating acidic and adhesives bug guts, bird droppings, and tree sap, eliminating the rubble on a car that is protected by a precise paint protection product.
  • Each of the automobile cleaning chemicals are proposed to perform a detailed task for optimum results. Whereas there are still some 2-in-1 car shampoos in the market today, which are not envisioned to be used on some applications.
  • Surface Preparation and Wax Stripping: This is more of an alkaline boosted degreaser, which are pH level balanced, and is used to strip down old wax, sealant, or unfathomable contaminants from the car’s surface. When used correctly, it provides detailers and automobile enthusiasts with a clean surface to work their magic like applying a protectant and so on.
  • Wash and Wax Preparations: This is the most common kind of shampoo on the market today. It’s marketed as a 2-in-1 answer for washing a car by removing the dirt and debris while leaving a small coating of wax on the topmost layer. This adds a subtle shine to the body. Many vinyl wraps and PPF can be easily applied on this.
  • Concentrated Foam: Concentrated Shampoo with high-density foam which softens and removes all kind of grease and grime on the cars. The pH-neutral formulation of the product easily removes dirt and grime away from the car’s paint. Additionally, it can be washed off easily and safely. The advantage of using the super foam is much more than just calculation. The usage of the super foam is reasonable and is easy to use. This uniquely designed product is also eco-friendly.

The car care line of products and chemicals is huge and widespread. The same helps all pockets and types of users. The car wash shampoo is not like the shampoo or detergent used domestically, it’s more of scientific technology.