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Superb Quality!

I own a Car wash centre and I have tried and tested almost all the brands of chemicals and products. But I was never satisfied until I started using the Mafra car wash chemicals.

I loved the foam wash in red and blue, it has a very vibrant look and got my hands to turn! I also liked the Double-sided Microfiber Wash Mitt for cleaning cars. I also sold couple of them to my customers!

Overall, Good Quality!

Good Variety!

I bought the Mafra Car Wash Shampoo, Deca Flash, Lubrigraph, Carlux Wax and Microfiber Cloth Pack.

I really liked the variety!

I will place an order for other products soon!

My leather seats are saved!

I own a MG Hector and I had leather seats installed for a premium look.

But soon the leather started to wear out and look dull, someone recommended me Mafra’s Charme Leather Kit!

I quickly placed an order and DIY used myself! I love the shine it brought to my leather seats and also, I am really relaxed that they are not coated for protection!

Ceramic coating Forever Young 2.0

I recently tried the Forever Young 2.0 Ceramic coating by Mafra on my Mercedes.

Being a Car lover and enthusiast, I was looking for a coating that will protect my car’s paint from the UV damage.

Earlier I had tried another brand but that didn’t stay on for long and made my car’s paint look dull after 2-3 months. So, this time I thought of trying the Italian Brand!